Universal water loss control

As water scarcity becomes the new normal, utilities and cities are under intense pressure to efficiently manage water. Olea is on a mission to eliminate all water loss. Using breakthrough technology and powerful analytics, Olea puts water loss control within reach, so utilities can account for every drop.

See how a top-ten major metro reduced water loss by 363 million gallons, recovering $10.6M in revenue in the first year.

Introducing Oasis™, the first universal solution for data-driven water loss control.

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Olea Oasis™ gives utilities new visibility into the distribution network, enabling them to proactively manage water loss. Olea Oasis™ takes the guesswork out of the AWWA Water Loss audit: using data collected by an array of AI-based edge sensors, powerful analytics diagnose water loss events for you.

Olea Oasis™ is transformative for utilities and their AWWA Water Audit.

No one else provides a universal, data-driven assessment of all water loss. Most water audits rely on industry averages and assumptions about where water loss is occurring, or only assess certain kinds of water loss, specific locations or types of infrastructure. Olea Oasis™ is different:

Turnkey Solution

Olea Oasis™ is the only turnkey, utility-wide solution to analyze all kinds of water loss – both real and apparent –across the utility’s entire water distribution network and across any type of infrastructure: all kinds of meters, tanks, hydrants and piping.


Olea Oasis™ does not rely on utility data, assumptions or guesswork. Olea uses AI sensors to continuously monitor utility assets like meters, pipes, hydrants, PRVs, storage tanks etc throughout the distribution system, which generate data about what’s actually happening in your distribution system.


Olea Oasis™ is the only technology to offer a sensor-driven view of water loss across the distribution network. Now utilities have a better visibility into where every drop is going.

Olea's Approach

How it works

Through an array of AI-based sensors, edge computing devices and powerful analytics, Olea Oasis™ digitalizes the water distribution network, bringing new insights to water so utilities finally have visibility to see where every drop is going.

Olea typically starts with utilities’ leading source of apparent water loss:

Large commercial meters. Utilities deploying Olea’s apparent loss solution on targeted key assets typically realize 2X-10X ROI within 12 months as a result of the reduction in water loss. This recovered revenue helps utilities fund the expansion of Olea’s water loss solution to other infrastructure, analyzing both real and apparent water loss.

Meter Health Analytics, continuous performance monitoring

Optical Vault Monitoring

Olea then extends active management to the entire distribution system, to assess and monitor both real and apparent water loss across the utility.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Pressure Monitoring

Storage Tank Surveillance

This provides a digitalization of the water distribution network, where utilities can view and manage water loss events in the Oasis, our utility portal.


Finally, Water Loss Control, in the palm of your hand.

Welcome to the Oasis™

Olea’s solution does more than help utilities reduce water loss. This new level of water accountability generates operational efficiencies, better economic returns, improves customer trust, fosters water equity, and builds a more sustainable water future for the community at large.

Olea Oasis™. The future of water management