We are Building a Sustainable and Equitable Water Utility System

We are a funded, rapidly growing tech startup whose smart water solutions enable cities to manage water resources more accurately and fairly. At OleaTM, you’ll have the opportunity to build something meaningful with people just as brilliant and passionate as you. Join us.
"The best thing about working at Olea as a data scientist is that you can grow your skills and experiment with the areas you want to learn. If we spot a problem, we have the freedom to experiment with the latest machine learning technology to solve it."

- Wariya, AI & Analytics

"There’s so many opportunities for growth and collaboration at Olea. Everyone at Olea is a leader in some ways, regardless of their job title - your opinion and work matters. It’s a place where you are valued and heard."

- Quinn, Government Relations

"There’s a real energy and sense of opportunity at Olea. Not only are you working at the forefront of technology, but it’s a start-up culture where everyone has the chance to work together to build something from the ground up."

- Joe, Field Operations

"At Olea we’re using our skills for something meaningful: water conservation. It’s a great place if you’re ambitious and want to grow in your role while doing your part for a more sustainable future."

- Eileen, Software Engineering

"We’re conserving water in a way that’s never been done before. It’s not just about individuals doing their part for the environment; Olea’s products reduce water usage on a community-level."

- Jesse, Product Engineering

"At Olea there’s something new every day. You have to be adaptable because we’re a growing company and everyone’s input counts. You’re more than just a number here. Everyone has a voice and is valued."

- Rondarius, Operations

"My favorite part of working at Olea is definitely the people. I’m challenged and kept busy in my job, and have fun while doing it. There’s a sense of community here at Olea which is really special."

- Haley, Data Analytics

Your Path To A Fulfilling Career Starts Here.

From competitive benefits and remote work options to shared equity in our diverse and rapidly expanding organization, we strive to make your time at OleaTM one of both personal and professional growth.

Together We Can Build A More Sustainable Future, One Innovation At A Time.