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Olea's Meter Health Analytics™ solution is leading the way for Smart Water in Smart Cities. Our sustainable, one-of-a-kind technology generates revenue and manages critical utility assets, enabling operators to best maintain the health of the assets under their care. Click here to see more Customer Success Stories.

Top 5 investor owned utility validates Olea’s Meter Health Analytics™

A top 5 investor-owned utility recognized the accuracy of large meters can negatively impact utilities revenues. Therefore, Olea Edge Analytics™ installed the Meter Health Analytics™ (MHA) solution on 50 meters in two cities.
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A top 50 city validates Olea’s Meter Health Analytics™

A top 50 city has a robust meter testing program on its high-value commercial and industrial metering infrastructure. Understanding the value of Olea Edge’s continuous monitoring to speed repairs and generate more revenue for the city, they wished to understand how Meter Health Analytics compared to the industry standard AWWA flow testing.
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Top 10 Metro Area finds a Million Dollars of Revenue

A top 10 metropolitan area knew they had a problem. Repair and maintenance of suspected problem water meters rarely resulted in confidence in the accuracy of customer billing. Overall, revenues were decreasing, and water consumption was increasing.
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