Smart Water for Smart Cities

Our sustainable, patented technology enables utilities to get a handle on water loss while providing the safe, clean and affordable drinking water that people need.
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Universal Water Loss Control

What we deliver

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24/7 View of Meter Health.
All-new insights into meter condition and performance, always at your fingertips.
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Sustainable Water Management.
Better water efficiency and accountability fosters greater water equity for the communities you serve.
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All-New Insights.
Olea’s patented, IoT sensor-driven solution enables a new level of meter accuracy, performance, and management.
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Digital Twinning.
Olea’s Meter Health Analytics digitalizes your most critical assets, bringing new insights to meter performance and water loss.
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Data-Driven Results.
Take the guesswork out of large meter assessments with our data-driven AI and analytics that identify and diagnose issues.
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Proven Solution.
Utilities across the US are reducing water loss, recovering revenue and driving a new level of operational efficiencies with Olea.
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Beyond Water Loss.
Get a handle on water loss so you can better serve the needs of your growing community.
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The Future of Water Management.
Olea is on a mission to eliminate all water loss. Join us for the future of sustainable water management.
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A Platform That Performs
Our robust, secure and fully configurable platform including both edge and cloud, will deliver no matter how challenging the environment.
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Where There's Water, There's Money
Our technology delivers paybacks in less than a year and provides clients with a continual revenue stream thereafter.
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Always Innovating
As technology leaders in the maker movement, we are continually looking for new ways to add value to our clients, and to our communities.
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Strategic Partnerships
We partner with the best, including Google, who helps the performance and reliability of our tools.
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Our technology is designed, manufactured, and delivered right here in the U.S., which provides jobs and a deep source of pride.
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Big Ideas are Flowing
Our team includes the best minds in the business. With extensive knowledge, specialized skills and deep experience, there is no limit to our thinking.
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Real-Time Results
Get accurate data when you need it - now. This improves your bottom line, and operational processes.
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Low-Risk Solutions
Always working to reduce risk; our unique technology and innovative business models are highly secure, reliable, and simple.
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The Future of Water Management

We enable you to better serve your communities
Olea digitalizes the water distribution network, bringing new insights to water. Utilities can view and manage water loss events with Oasis, our utility portal. Reducing water loss has other benefits, too. Our technology also delivers paybacks in less than a year, and provides cities with a continual revenue stream thereafter. This new level of water accountability generates operational efficiencies, improves customer trust, fosters water equity, and builds a more sustainable future throughout the community.
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Our Customers Get Results

Transforming the water industry with our customers leading the way
"Tests of Olea technology have identified water los that traditional inspections would not detect. This is a great example of how technology can help utilities tighten up their systems and make sure every drop of water is accounted for."
-- Melissa Meeker, CEO, Gwinnett Water Tower
Our Customer Stories