Optimize Meter Performance

Olea's Meter Health AnalyticsTM (MHA) leverages an array of IoT sensors and AI to deliver never-before-seen insights into meter performance and condition. Unlike traditional flow testing, MHA offers continuous monitoring of meters in their normal operating environments, to detect issues that flow testing has missed -- and to diagnose those issues, so utilities know exactly how to address it, and can do so in a single truck roll.

Meter Health Analytics provides:
- Assurance that your biggest revenue-generators are always accurate
- IoT sensor-driven performance monitoring and issue diagnosis
- Operational efficiencies and improved workflows
- Reduced water loss and non-revenue water

MHA does not interfere with meter operations and works across a broad range of meter types and brands, as well as AMI and AMR.

Olea’s leading apparent loss control solution, Meter Health Analytics, is the only solution on the market using sensors to diagnose meter health.
Olea's Meter Health Analytics™ solution is leading the way for Smart Water in Smart Cities. Our AI-based edge computing technology generates revenue and manages critical utility assets, enabling operators to best maintain the health of the assets under their care. Our robust, secure, and fully configurable platform, including both edge and cloud, will deliver no matter how challenging the environment. Learn more about our solutions here.

Olea’s Meter Health Analytics diagnoses meter health without wasting a drop of water. Olea's VP of Customer Experience Wes Kemp, describes how MHA stacks up against flow testing, and the Olea customer experience.

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Olea uses advanced, sensor-driven technology combined with powerful analytics to help cities and utilities reduce water loss, find revenue and operate more efficiently. Using AI sensors on critical assets, like large water meters, pipes and hydrants, utilities can quickly understand how assets are performing and what specific actions are needed to optimize performance. Our solutions work on all brands of infrastructure, and they do not interfere with meter reading or asset performance.

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Our patented edge computing technologies and no-risk business models are disrupting the water utility industry. We deliver paybacks in less than a year and provide clients with a continual revenue stream thereafter.