A top 50 city validates Olea’s Meter Health Analytics™

A top 50 city has a robust meter testing program on its high value commercial and industrial metering infrastructure. Understanding the value of Olea Edge’s continuous monitoring to speed repairs and generate more revenue for the city, they wished to understand how Meter Health Analytics compared to the industry standard AWWA flow testing. Olea Edge Analytics working with the city deployed the Meter Health Analytics solution on 50 large water meters serving a variety of commercial and industrial customers. The implementation of Meter Health Analytics was very simple for the city. Basic meter data was provided by the city to Olea Edge Analytics. A team of highly trained Olea personnel surveyed the meters, deployed sensors & edge computers, and reviewed meter information. An innovative user interface with real-time information, recommendations, and reports was provided to the city.

The city wanted to quickly validate the ability of Meter Health Analytics to identify broken, worn, and miss-sized water meters. Ten water meters identified by the Meter Health Analytics solution as inaccurate were selected for flow testing. The city flow tested the water meters using AWWA recommended testing protocols. Selected meters were then taken apart to validate the cause of failure and to be repaired. A summary of the meters and test results are:

Eight meters failed the AWWA flow test and two meters passed the flow test. One of the meters that passed the flow test we identified by Meter Health Analytics and validated by the city to have a broken backflow preventor. The second meter was found to have an intermittent register failure confirm by analysis of high definition video taken of the meter register during operation.

Key observations Include:

Debris in Meters

Meter’s 1, 5,7, and 9 failed the AWWA flow test. The meters were disassembled, and significant amounts of debris was found in the meters. The meters were cleaned and repaired. The meters were retested per AWWA recommended flow testing procedures and passed the tests. The meters were returned to service.

Failed Back Flow Preventer

Meter #4 is a fire type compound meter serving a church. Analysis of Meter #4 using Olea’s Meter Health Analytics solution identified the occurrence of backflow. An AWWA flow test was performed by the city and the meter passed the flow test. The meter backflow preventer was disassembled, and the flapper valve was found to be failed. The back-flow preventer flapper valve was repaired, and the meter returned to service.

Failed Register Assembly

Meter #6 is a fire type compound meter serving multifamily housing. Analysis of Meter #6 using Olea’s Meter Health Analytics solution identified defects in low flow and high flow registers. An AWWA flow test was performed by the city and the meter failed the flow test. The low flow register was found to be damaged and was replaced. The high flow register adapter was disassembled, and the gear assembly was found to be operation incorrectly. The gear assembly was cleaned, lubricated, and returned to service. An AWWA flow test was performed post repair and the meter passed.