Our Crew

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Our people, where good ideas are flowing. The Olea Mutiny Crew™ is a community of people passionate about water. We believe technology can help provide safe, clean, affordable drinking water by changing the way utilities operate and manage critical assets. We focus on safety, revenue, and operational efficiency to help utilities deliver quality water at the lowest cost to their customers.

What We Do

Our community focuses on education and sharing best practices with water professionals responsible for operating and fixing critical assets. We help pipe fitters, meter readers, technicians, and other front-line people to adopt new technology, asset management, and maintenance best practices.

How We Do It

The Mutiny Crew™ partners with leading companies, non-governmental organizations, and water experts to offer classes and case studies on underserved issues critical to delivering safe, clean, affordable drinking water.

Olea™ Outstanding Performers

Tyler Hammac, Technical Support Manager

Tyler Hammac joined our team in 2018. In his current role as a technical support manager, he has made tremendous contributions to the design and implementation of processes & procedures for Operations. His dedication and skills have been instrumental to our team.

Tyler enjoys volunteering, hiking the North Georgia mountains, and making youtube tutorials in his free time.

Thank you, Tyler, for all you do!

“We are building a culture of inclusiveness and we promote communication and the open sharing of information.”
Dave Mackie, CEO