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Olea Meter Health Analytics: Helping Utilities Bill for Every Drop of Water Delivered

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Water utilities in the United States lose an estimated $3.9 Billion annually due to failed or poorly performing commercial and industrial water meters. There is no correlation between the service age or service volume and the failure rate of water meters.
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Olea’s unique and proprietary Meter Health Analytics™ (MHA) solution monitors large commercial and industrial water meters, providing utilities with unparalleled insights into meter accuracy and delivers clear actionable recommendations.
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Olea’s Meter Health Analytics™ solution allows utilities to bill for every drop of water delivered.MHA quickly identifies failed and poorly performing water meters and prioritizes repairs based on economic return.

Business Challenges

Water is an increasingly scarce resource! Utilities are challenged by increasing bulk water costs due to scarcity, urbanization, and changing weather patterns. Aging infrastructure requires more than a $500 Billion investment and a complex political environment makes rate increases challenging.

Large commercial and industrial water meters can represent 40-60% or more of a utility’s annual revenue. The meters are large, difficult to maintain or replace and can fail at any time regardless of age or cumulative service volume. Current best in class solutions tell water utilities that recorded water usage has changed, but not why it’s changed.

Business Benefits

Olea’s Meter Health Analytics™ (MHA) solution is designed to monitor high-value water meters to help ensure utilities bill for every drop of water delivered. In addition, MHA provides:

  • Actionable Intelligence – Specifically how to recover revenue
  • Revenue Assurance – Provides revenue predictability
  • Reduced OPEX – Reduce truck rolls to repair meters
  • Reduced CAPEX – Replace the right meters
  • Improves EH&S Transparency – Reduced liability exposure

Proprietary Technology

Olea Smart Water Revenue System™ is a patented solution available only from Olea™. Patents include:

  • Retrofit Device and Method of Retrofitting Flow Meter
  • Analysis of Pipe Systems with Sensor Devices
  • Portable Wireless Mesh Device with improved Antenna Systems
  • Qualified for sole source procurement

Solution Approach

Olea’s Meter Health Analytics™ (MHA) solution is a complete turn-key solution delivering deep insights into the health of a commercial or industrial water meter. The foundation for the solution is Olea’s proprietary “edge computing” platform utilizing a powerful and energy efficient computer, a sophisticated sensor array and the latest cellular technology to communicate SMART data to the cloud for data visualization.

The sophisticated sensor array includes optical, acoustic, and magnetic sensors housed in waterproof, durable housings which sit on top of the existing meter register and water meter. The sensor array is non-invasive and does not affect the operation of the water meter or register in any way. The solution uses a small durable solar panel and a high-performance cellular antenna mounted outside the meter vault.


Olea™ installed the MHA solution at a top 5 metropolitan area on 20 randomly selected water meters. Over $1 Million in recovered revenue was identified, which was validated by the customer. Olea’s Meter Health Analytics™ enables utilities to recover revenue associated with failing or poorly performing water meters by:

  • Utilizing advanced edge analytics to provide deep insights into the health of high-value water meters.
  • Quick detection and communication of water meter failures and the cost of failures enabling prioritization of meter repairs and quick recovery of lost revenue.
Olea’s METER HEALTH ANALYTICS solution allows utilities to bill for every drop of water delivered